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Why Choose Asphalt General?

Consultation & Design

You’ll appreciate our attention to detail. We listen to your concerns and priorities, then we determine if any alternative design, material or installation methods will make your paving or concrete perform better, last longer, or cost less. Whether we’re working on new construction or rehabilitation, our experts often come up with ideas to:

• Improve drainage
• Ease traffic flow
• Increase parking capacity
• Reduce cost without sacrificing performance
• Value Engineer your project

No hassles, low downtime

We work around your schedule during the installation process to maintain access and minimize any inconvenience to you, your customers, tenants and neighbors.

It’s what you don’t see…

Paving and concrete are significant, long-term investments. You need a contractor that uses the right materials, the right techniques, and cares about quality workmanship. The truth is, a lot of paving work may look good at first, but over time, through a harsh winter or with heavy use, many can fail years before they should. You know exactly what you’re going to get with Asphalt General, because we take the time to explain, in writing, our recommendations for your project.

Detailed Proposals

Instead of just a cost estimate, we specify every material, quantity and method of installation. If there are no plans, we can provide drawings showing areas of work along with technical data sheets for each installation. We also write our proposals so any layperson can understand the scope of work and how it will be done. We want to make sure you are satisfied, not surprised.
What to Look (out) for in a Bid
Glossary of terms

Plenty of Project and Personal References

We are proud to provide client references and examples of our work to visit and inspect. And we welcome your questions — anytime.

Value Engineering

We can often “value engineer” a project to increase performance and reduce cost. We can make such improvements simply because after so many years in the business, we often know the practical applications better than an architect or engineer.

One Source for All Your Paving and Concrete Needs

Asphalt General clients appreciate a trusted relationship with a single point of contact for all their needs. You can count on a smooth, hassle-free process and work that you know will make you look good.

Because of our approach, Asphalt General’s work performs better and lasts longer — giving you the best value in the long run. Give us the opportunity to consider your next project, and we’ll show you exactly what we mean.

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